Back from a conference? Time for a Conference Experience Report

Having just returned from Hero Conf, I wanted to jot down some additional notes besides my session notes that I took on my laptop. I don’t report to a boss, so these notes are just for my own future use; but I figure other people may have to write a short report for their higher-ups to justify the trip. So I put together a quick template and structured it so it can be used within a corporate environment, too. 

You can view it on Skydrive at To download it to your computer, select the File -> Save As option when you’re viewing it there.

Here’s a summary of the fields it contains:

Conference Experience Report

  • Conference Name, Dates, Location, Website
  • Objective(s) for attending this conference
  • Other attendees from company
  • Sessions Attended
  • Session Highlights
  • Interesting exhibit booths
  • New business connections
  • Action Items
  • Other notes and ideas
  • Preparation / Suggestions for next conference
  • Cost Summary

Feel free to use, modify, share, or ignore. :-)

One thought on “Back from a conference? Time for a Conference Experience Report

  1. Geno Prussakov

    Rehan, I love that “Objective(s) for attending this conference” field. I always recommend that people come to a conference with 3-5 very concrete goals, questions, or focus areas. In light of this, I would also add another field to your (great) template — one speaking to how (or whether at all) the questions have been answered (and to what extent).

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